Configuration options

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The purchased version of phpMiniMasker includes the following configuration options…

  • input files folder path (your original files are not touched)
  • output files folder path (copies of your original files are made here and this is where phpMiniMasker does its work)
  • file extensions of files containing PHP you want processed
  • (yes/no) write to a log file
  • file path of log file
  • whether to append to or overwrite the last log file
  • (yes/no) exclude unneeded whitespace from generated code
  • (yes/no) exclude line-breaks from generated code
  • (yes/no) exclude unused functions from generated code
  • (yes/no) rename functions
  • (yes/no) rename object properties
  • (yes/no) rename object methods
  • (yes/no) rename global variables
  • (yes/no) rename local variables
  • single-line comments (//) are always removed unless a string using ‘//’ is detected as needed (such as for URLs)
  • multi-line comments (/* … */) are always removed