Convenience and customization

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The phpMiniMasker run-configuration options that you specify in the user-interface are saved from one session to the next.


A custom user-function is available for you to write code in for specifying variables, functions, and objects that should not be renamed. You get to specify the names to keep unchanged in two ways: 1.) name prefixes (the beginning part of the name) or 2.) the whole name. You simply add elements to pre-defined arrays to do so. You have the full power of PHP in choosing how to add elements to the arrays. You could…
  1. Make string-literal assignments to array elements of names or name-prefixes that should not be changed.
  2. Write custom PHP code for on-the-fly determination of any variables, functions, and objects in your code-base that should not be renamed (by specifying whole names or name-prefixes). Using this second approach can save you from having to manually maintain an exclusion list as your code-base changes over time.
The custom user function is called each time phpMiniMasker is ran so that your requests for unchanged names are respected. Note that you do not have to utilize this function–it is optional.