Removal of unused PHP functions

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  • You have an option to have unused functions excluded from the generated code.
  • Function-removal helps to protect your code library by eliminating the transfer of that code, obfuscated or not, to a third party.
  • Function-removal helps to optimize PHP page-processing speeds.
  • Let’s say you have three functions, “a”, “b”, and “c”. Let’s say further that “a” calls “b” and “b” calls “c” but “a” is not called from anywhere else in the code files. Then in this scenario, all three functions (“a”, “b”, and “c”) are removed. This example applies regardless of the depth of a call-chain provided that the outer-most caller is not called from anywhere.
  • If you have a PHP file that is full of functions that were deemed to be “unused”, the resulting file will be empty, yet still exist so that all PHP require / require_once / include / include_once statements throughout your code-base continue to work without error- or warning-messages.