What is it?

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  • phpMiniMasker is a software tool written in PHP that minifies and obfuscates PHP code in files that contain PHP, regardless of whether the file extension is “.php”. You get to specify the file extensions that contain PHP since it is common practice for programmers to use file extensions in addition to “.php” to prevent discovery of or access to PHP files.
  • The code generated by phpMiniMasker has no external dependencies. All that gets generated is pure PHP. The code runs as-is. No special steps needed like with other obfuscation tools.
  • Do you have the option to minify without obfuscating? Yes! Let’s say you need to provide code to a client that is not be obfuscated. You can minify that code by not unnecessarily including valuable code that the client’s solution does not use.
  • “Minify” means to make smaller and in this case it means minimizing the size of each file (characters and bytes).
  • “Obfuscate” means to make something difficult to read, understand, and follow and in this case it means changing all sorts of object member, variable, function, and other entity names to short meaningless ones.
  • No database is utilized. A settings/configuration file is utilized and this file is updated via your interaction with the tool’s graphical user interface (a web page). No direct editing of the file is needed.
  • You run phpMiniMasker by accessing it from your browser (just as the demo is done on this site).
  • If you choose to buy phpMiniMasker, you will host the tool’s PHP script files yourself (either on a local or remote web server that you control).
  • The PHP files to be processed can have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in them in addition to PHP.
  • All non-PHP code is not touched or modified in any file.
  • You get to specify what folder hierarchy (directory structure) is to be processed by phpMiniMasker.
  • The folder hierarchy that you choose for processing is left totally intact and untouched. The complete folder hierarchy is copied to an output folder that you specify. All file-types and folders in the hierarchy are copied and then it is this copy of the hierarchy that is processed, and only file extensions that you have specified to contain PHP code in the hierarchy are minimized/obfuscated.
  • Each and every PHP file in the hierarchy retains its original name and continues to stand-alone as an individual file. Only PHP file contents are modified. By keeping files and their names intact, code-breakages are prevented.
  • Each time you run phpMiniMasker, the processing-run generates meaningful reporting outputs in addition to the outputted folder hierarchy. You get to specify the folder where reporting outputs are generated.
  • An excellent way for you to verify yourself that the generated code works as well as your original code is to serve up the original and modified folder hierarchies and compare what you see in your browser.
  • It is rewarding to see the increase in speed at which web pages are served thanks to smaller PHP files and faster loading and parsing of PHP code.
  • One set of reporting outputs includes the changes in sizes between the original and outputted PHP files.
  • Depending on your coding style, minified/obfuscated PHP code has been observed to be about 32% of its original size (68% smaller!).